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Pictures from our trip to the countryside.



So on our third day of classes at NUM we visited a ger camp in the countryside, but just outside of UB. We were surprised to walk into a larger ger and find it all set up for us to have class in.

Later in the evening before dinner we hiked to the top of one of the hills surrounding the camp. It was a lot higher up than we expected but I'm pretty sure everyone still had a great time.


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Suzie's Beijing Impression

sunny 28 °C

Beijing was also huge compared to what I had pictured in my mind. While in the Summer Palace we were on top of a hill looking out and the city just seemed to stretch on and on in all directions. Beijing definitely seems more upbeat than Moscow and everyone is always trying to sell you something. One thing which I found really interesting was how much history you are able to see throughout the entire city of Beijing. You'll be driving around on different streets and all of a sudden a palace or a pagoda will pop up. The city definitely seems to be moving at a fast pace and so far I have loved everything about Beijing.

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Suzie's Moscow Impression


Moscow was initially a lot bigger than I expected. The architecture was amazing and all the churches almost seemed out of place with all their bright colors, like a castle picked up from disneyland and transported to Russia. I was also surprised by how nice most of the people were, whether it was the old man I met on the plane, the students who helped us out with everything or the women who ran the dining car on the train.

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